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Pawel Jedrzejewski



I have been doing web development since I remember. My first steps were static html websites, for which tutorials I had to download and burn on cds, in order to bring home and learn. I have built my first commercial e-commerce website when I was 16, it was a basic shop for my family member, since then I sold it to several companies and in 2010 I started writing first bits of code, which ultimately became open source project - Sylius. Sylius is e-commerce platform on top of Symfony, but also a set of tools for "raw" PHP. You can use it with any framework, but it is most widely used among Symfony developers. With over 600,000 downloads (components and platform), it has been used by small and large companies, like 20th Century Films (,, (UK shop, 100 stores worldwide). October 2013 was my first public talk and since then I have done several Sylius/BDD presentations. SymfonyCampUA 2013 (Kiev) SymfonyCon 2013 (Warsaw) (lightning talk) eZ International Days (Oslo) (biggest eZ Publish event) Behat Meetup (London) PHPSummerCamp (Rovinj) SymfonyLive London 2014 Developers Camp (Wroc?sbquo;aw) PHPers Silesia (Katowice) PHPCon Poland 2014 (biggest PHP event in Poland, 500+ people), Symfony November Camp in Stockholm and SymfonyCon Madrid 2014.


Sylius – E-Commerce framework for PHP

Developers and shop owners are looking for alternatives to complex and monolithic solutions. Sylius is built on top of the latest technologies in PHP world and is one of the most promising e-commerce platforms.In this talk I will introduce the ideas & philosophy behind the project and show how easy it is to customize Sylius.

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