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Brownfield Domain Driven Design

One of the main advantages of PHP is that it allows you and your company to build up projects in no time and with immediate feedback and business value. Sometimes, however, fast growth and unprevented complexities could make your codebase more and more difficult to manage as time passes and new features are added.Domain Driven […]

Going crazy with Symfony2 and Varnish

You know how HTTP caching works but need more? In this talk we look into ways to cache personalized content. We will look at Edge Side Includes (ESI) to tailor caching rules of fragments, and at the user context concept to differentiate caches not by individual user but by permission groups.

Writing Faster PHP with HHVM & Hack

HHVM is the new hotness, a super-fast alternative PHP runtime from Facebook it can take your existing PHP code base and run it at blazing fast speeds… but is there more?HHVM also introduces Hack. Hack adds numerous features to the PHP language that help speed up both development time and runtime performance.Get the most out […]



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