Bernhard Schussek

Bernhard Schussek



Bernhard - better known as webmozart - is a software developer who is passionate about high-quality open source software. He is fascinated by simple architectures that solve complex problems. Besides doing his Master studies in Software Engineering, Bernhard is an active member of the [Symfony]( core team and lead developer of various Symfony components. He represents Symfony at PHP-FIG and is a convinced proponent of interoperability in the PHP landscape. Lately, Bernhard has been developing [Puli](, a resource management toolkit that is going to change the way we use Composer packages in PHP.


Puli: PHP’s Next Package Revolution

Composer and the PSR autoloading standards largely changed the way we collaborate in the PHP ecosystem. Today, we all share and reuse high-quality libraries independent of the frameworks we use. But what about non-PHP code? How can we access the configuration files, HTML templates, CSS stylesheets or translation files in all those beautiful packages we […]

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