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Davey Shafik is a full-time developer with over 14 years of experience in PHP and related technologies. He is a Community Engineer at Engine Yard and has written three books, numerous articles, and spoken at conferences the world over. He is best known for his books, the [Zend PHP Certification Study Guide](http://zceguide.com) and [PHP Master: Write Cutting Edge Code](https://learnable.com/books/php-master-write-cutting-edge-code), and as the originator of [PHP Archive (PHAR)](http://php.net/phar) for PHP 5.3.Davey is passionate about improving the tech community. He co-organizes the [Prompt](http://mhprompt.org) (mhprompt.org) initiative, dedicated to lifting the stigma surrounding mental health discussions, and has worked with PHPWomen since its inception.


Writing Faster PHP with HHVM & Hack

HHVM is the new hotness, a super-fast alternative PHP runtime from Facebook it can take your existing PHP code base and run it at blazing fast speeds… but is there more?HHVM also introduces Hack. Hack adds numerous features to the PHP language that help speed up both development time and runtime performance.Get the most out […]

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What to Expect When You’re Expecting: PHP 7

PHP 7 is coming, and with it will come new features, backwards compatibility breaks, and huge performance gains.This talk will get you prepared for all the changes in this upcoming release and offer practical advice you can implement now to ensure you code still works come upgrade time.

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