Steve Maraspin

Steve Maraspin



Steve's been a PHP enthusiast for the last 15 years. Through his career he's been leading the design and development of quite a few enterprise software projects, especially in the realm of distributed architectures. He's an advocate of user centered development practices, and loves to read, learn and exchange opinions on coding and software engineering best practices. His commitment to the PHP language brought him to give several seminars and presentations at scientific facilities, private and public companies, university courses and at several previous editions of the Italian PHPDay. He's also a PHP5 ZCE and one one of the four PUG Friuli founding members.


Meet a parallel, asynchronous PHP world

We all know how good horizontal scaling is. We also know that PHP is born single threaded, and therefore it’s not the best available tool for heavy processing or intensive batch jobs. In this talk we’ll see how to get through these shortcomings, achieving parallel processing through native solutions such as Process control functions and […]

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