Pushing Boundaries: Zend Framework 3 and the Future



You’ve likely heard of Zend Framework, and possibly used versions 1 or 2. In January, the Zend Framework team announced plans for version 3, to be released this year, with major changes, including:- Splitting components into their own repositories and versions.- Evolving the ZF2 MVC framework to depend on the new, standalone components.- Supporting PSR-7 (HTTP Message interfaces).- Providing PSR-7 based middleware solutions to simplify development and optimize performance.- Updating the ZF2 MVC to consume PSR-7-based middleware, as well as provide middleware skeletons for serving ZF2-style applications.- Upgrading to PHP 5.5, and optimizing for PHP 7.Discover how ZF3 will enable custom, Composer-based application stacks; provide both enterprise components and an MVC framework; and future-proof your applications for PHP 7. The session will provide not only a high-level overview of the changes, but detailed code examples. Learn about the new features of Zend Framework 3, and how its new approach enables broader re-use and higher velocity of innovation.




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