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Advanced debugging techniques

Step-by-step debugging with Xdebug is no secret for you?Perfect then, because we won’t talk about it.We will rather see tools that let you know what’s really happening in your PHP code, like the recent phpdbg debugger, process tracing tools like: strace, ltrace, the Linux inotify mechanism, tcpdump/wireshark for network analysis,…

Down the Rabbit Hole: Lessons Learned combining Career and Community

The common mantra is “Community Works”, but does it? How does burning vacation days to speak at a conference “work”? How does staying up until the wee hours of the morning working on a project, just to turn around and go work your day job “work”? Exactly how does community pay the bills each month? […]

Talmudic Maxims to Maximize Your Growth as a Developer

You’ve been programming for a while now. You’re beginning to feel that you’ve got a handle on things but at the same time can’t escape the feeling that you’ve somehow plateaued in your growth as a software developer. In this talk Yitzchok, a rabbinic scholar and software developer, shares the “wisdom of the sages” as […]

Behind the Scenes of Maintaining an Open Source Project

The open source world is made from human interactions as much as it is made of code. During this session, Jordi will be sharing his experiences as the Composer Project lead. He will show you glimpses into what it means and feels like to be the maintainer of a popular open source project. By sharing […]

Concurrent test frameworks

Testing applications is one of the most important thing in a developer’s toolbox. Sometime writing tests is not so straightforward and as time goes by you notice that you have to maintain your application and your tests too. The purpose of this talk is to show how to test your domain at different layers with […]

Brownfield Domain Driven Design

One of the main advantages of PHP is that it allows you and your company to build up projects in no time and with immediate feedback and business value. Sometimes, however, fast growth and unprevented complexities could make your codebase more and more difficult to manage as time passes and new features are added.Domain Driven […]

Containerize your PHP

This talk will introduce you to modern PHP deployments. We shall walk through Docker as a tool for container management. We will find out that we need more than Docker to manage more complex deployments and we shall introduce Kubernetes to help us with that. Best on the clustered deployment, we shall wrap it whole […]

Vagrant and Ansible

“It works on my box”. “I don’t have a day to help Dave set up his new PC”. “I swear I had the same version installed!”Sound familiar? It was for me too before I started using Vagrant and Ansible.Vagrant is a tool for automating the creation of virtual machines. Of course, that’s only half of […]

Vagrant for Real

Vagrant is a well-known tool for creating development environments in a simple and consistent way. Since we adopted in our organization we experienced several benefits: lower project setup times, better shared knowledge among team members, less wtf moments ;-)In this session we’d like to share our experience, including but not limited to:advanced vagrantfile configurationvm configuration […]

Yii2 what to be glad about

Yii2 was released at the end of 2014. In this talk we investigate what is new, what is better, what is worse and how to use it all in the real world.

Going crazy with Symfony2 and Varnish

You know how HTTP caching works but need more? In this talk we look into ways to cache personalized content. We will look at Edge Side Includes (ESI) to tailor caching rules of fragments, and at the user context concept to differentiate caches not by individual user but by permission groups.

Introduction to Event Sourcing and CQRS with Broadway

Have you looked at Broadway from the team and found it to be overwhelming? Perhaps you are new to CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) and Event Sourcing and not sure how things are supposed to work? Not quite sure where to start with Broadway or how you might integrate it into your legacy application?Get […]

Getting Started with Continuous Integration

Continuous integration is a big idea, but what if your projects – and availability to implement new things – aren’t big? Is continuous integration worthwhile for every day projects? Learn more about what continuous integration actually is, what tools are available to help you implement it, and how you can make it work for you, […]

Behat+Mink+PhantomJS = Test ALL THE THINGS!

Sometimes simple unit testing is not enough. There is more to it than that when you want to test JavaScript and the rendering of your page. In this talk I will show you how you can use Behat+Mink+PhantomJS to accomplish screenshot comparison, test your JavaScript implementations and your PHP code using the same human-readable language: […]

Sylius – E-Commerce framework for PHP

Developers and shop owners are looking for alternatives to complex and monolithic solutions. Sylius is built on top of the latest technologies in PHP world and is one of the most promising e-commerce platforms.In this talk I will introduce the ideas & philosophy behind the project and show how easy it is to customize Sylius.

Doctrine ORM Good Practices and Tricks

In this Talk, we are going to dive into Doctrine 2 ORM’s feature set.We’re going to see the advantages and disadvantages of each functionality, with a particular focus on use-cases that each functionality attempts to solve, which features should be used with care (or avoided completely) and which ones should be used even more.

Writing Faster PHP with HHVM & Hack

HHVM is the new hotness, a super-fast alternative PHP runtime from Facebook it can take your existing PHP code base and run it at blazing fast speeds… but is there more?HHVM also introduces Hack. Hack adds numerous features to the PHP language that help speed up both development time and runtime performance.Get the most out […]

Puli: PHP’s Next Package Revolution

Composer and the PSR autoloading standards largely changed the way we collaborate in the PHP ecosystem. Today, we all share and reuse high-quality libraries independent of the frameworks we use. But what about non-PHP code? How can we access the configuration files, HTML templates, CSS stylesheets or translation files in all those beautiful packages we […]

Hello, PSR-7

PSR-7 HTTP Message Interface has been kicking around in one form or another since March of 2012. Get a brief history of how PSR-7 evolved from its humble beginnings as a simple HTTP client interface to the game-changing PHP-FIG proposal we have today. Learn how to work with the HTTP Message Interfaces and how they […]

Inside Laravel 5.0

One of PHP’s most popular frameworks has undergone a major version upgrade! Join us to explore what’s new in Laravel 5.0. We’ll explore putting your Controllers on a crash diet with Custom Request Objects and Method Level Dependency Injection, increasing contextuality with Route & Event Annotations, managing 3rd party authentication with Socialite, understanding the new […]

Meet a parallel, asynchronous PHP world

We all know how good horizontal scaling is. We also know that PHP is born single threaded, and therefore it’s not the best available tool for heavy processing or intensive batch jobs. In this talk we’ll see how to get through these shortcomings, achieving parallel processing through native solutions such as Process control functions and […]

PHP Data Structures (and the impact of PHP 7 on them)

We all have certainly learned data structures at school: arrays, lists, sets, stacks, queues (LIFO/FIFO), heaps, associative arrays, trees, … and what do we mostly use in PHP? The “array”! In most cases, we do everything and anything with it but we stumble upon it when profiling code.During this session, we’ll learn again to use […]

What to Expect When You’re Expecting: PHP 7

PHP 7 is coming, and with it will come new features, backwards compatibility breaks, and huge performance gains.This talk will get you prepared for all the changes in this upcoming release and offer practical advice you can implement now to ensure you code still works come upgrade time.

Driving Quality with PhpSpec

Is a SpecBDD tool the same as a TDD tool, or something quite different? This talk will answer these questions, and show how PhpSpec can be integrated into your development workflow to drive quality in your Object Oriented design.

Pushing Boundaries: Zend Framework 3 and the Future

You’ve likely heard of Zend Framework, and possibly used versions 1 or 2. In January, the Zend Framework team announced plans for version 3, to be released this year, with major changes, including:- Splitting components into their own repositories and versions.- Evolving the ZF2 MVC framework to depend on the new, standalone components.- Supporting PSR-7 (HTTP […]



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