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Patrick Allaert



Patrick Allaert is a freelance system engineer and founder of [LiberecoTechnologies, a Brussels based company specialized in PHP services. Using PHPsince the early days of PHP 3, he is contributing/hacking on a wide variety ofprojects including PHP, [eZ Publish], Linux and KDE. In his spare time, he workson the PHP monitoring extension: [APM] forwhich he is the lead developer, that doesn't give him much time to [blog] or to tweet (@patrick_allaert).


Advanced debugging techniques

Step-by-step debugging with Xdebug is no secret for you?Perfect then, because we won’t talk about it.We will rather see tools that let you know what’s really happening in your PHP code, like the recent phpdbg debugger, process tracing tools like: strace, ltrace, the Linux inotify mechanism, tcpdump/wireshark for network analysis,…

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PHP Data Structures (and the impact of PHP 7 on them)

We all have certainly learned data structures at school: arrays, lists, sets, stacks, queues (LIFO/FIFO), heaps, associative arrays, trees, … and what do we mostly use in PHP? The “array”! In most cases, we do everything and anything with it but we stumble upon it when profiling code.During this session, we’ll learn again to use […]

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